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10 Best Hair Dryers In India – Reviews & Guide

One of the most common grooming tools mostly used by women is the hair dryer. A hairdryer is simply a tool to dry your hair when it is wet and is usually used to speed up the drying process. It can be used by men also. The process is to blow hot air which evaporates any water content in your hair.

The hair dryer as I said is a multi-purpose one, you can use it for styling up your hair also. You want to quickly get ready for the party which your most beloved friend has invited to you for. You want to look the best and you see that the hair is not set. Just wet your hair a bit, pick up the dryer and start blowing the hot air and set it as per your need. You have the right blower and you will get the best hairstyle out of it. Once you get used to it you will not require a hairstylist. 

There were days when we used to hear that using the hair dryer is a pretty damaging process as the hair receives a lot of hot air and it is not good. Well over the years there are brands which have been trying to improve this process making sure the hair damage is decreased. There have been introductions of various techniques for this purpose and some have really succeeded.

Now as we go below this content, we will be discussing the 10 best hair dryers available for you to choose from.

We will talk about their features and also see how they could have done better.

Best Hair Dryers In India

A hairdryer has been an essential appliance since its invention roughly a century ago. Drying your hair properly can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right tools for it. The type of hairstyle you have will also help determine what kind of hairdryer would work best for you. Below we have listed the top 10 best hairdryers that are available on the Indian market today!

1. Philips 1000 Watts Hair Dryer

Philips comes with this unique looking hair dryer which also is very sleek and light weighted. The handle of this dryer is very sleek. Along the handle is the 2-speed button which can be used when your hair needs the blow with different heat. This makes sure the hairstyle which you are setting lasts longer. The main body of the dryer has an outlet which blows the hot air which can be shot along the hair to dry it.

The dryer is quiet which means it does not make much noise as you use it. The handle is also easy to grip. It is powered by a 1000W motor and a blower. The easy storage hook makes it easy to hang when not in use. The handle runs along the 1.5-meter power cord making it easily accessible. There is also a cool air shot available which sets the style as you blow.

The blower end also has a transparent concentrator which makes sure the right amount of hot air is blown and the hair does not get damaged. The Thermo Protect temperature setting has 2 flexible speed settings which can be used to control the amount of blow and the heat used by the blower. The dryer comes with 2 year of warranty which makes it stress-free to use.

Things we liked

  • The sleek design makes it easy to storage
  • 2 seed setting makes it safe for your hair

Things we did not like

  • The heating power is not so good
  • If you use it continuously for a long maybe smell like burning

2. Havells HD3151 1200 W Foldable Hair Dryer

Havells has come up with this super cute looking hair dryer which is also cool. It is powered by the 1200W heater and the fan inside blows the hot air out of the grilled outlet. This dryer can be used for both drying your hair and also styling. Going with the physical look of the dryer, it has a glassy concentrator which also makes sure there is even distribution of the air so that your hair gets only as me it has to.

As we go below, the handle is foldable which makes it easier to store while you travel. Just after this point, you have the switch with three levels adjustable controller which can be used to make sure the hair gets the right amount of air. At the tip of the handle runs the 1.6 meters of the power chord which comes with a 2-pin plug. There is also a rubber loop which can be used to hang the dryer on a hook. This makes it easy to store.

You can blow the hair with this hot air from the dryer as you comb along to remove all the frizz and also style along with your required style. The dryer includes the ionic care feature. This ionic flow neutralizes the dust and reduces any frizz it also gives shine to the hair. The heat balance technology also makes sure your hair gets only the amount of heat as much is required It is also low on noise as you use it.

Things we liked

  • Less noise makes it less irritable
  • Ionic care makes the hair shiny
  • Long lasting hairstyle
  • Long power cord
  • Foldable to make it easy to carry

Things we did not like

  • Less motor life
  • Issues with the vent when the hair gets pulled into the dryer

3. Braun HD580 Satin Hair 5 Power Perfection Hair Dryer

Braun is the most well-known or visible brand when you visit a hair spa/saloon. They have been perfecting the ways to dry your hair for a long time and also with it making sure it does not damage the hair. This model is known as the Satin Hair 5. This has been one of the advanced ones from its previous models.

The looks of it are very catchy. It looks like a sophisticated gun and is designed with white and grey colour. It is designed to be light weighted and hence it will not be straining your wrist as you use it. The dryer is set to use 2500 watts of power to give you continuous optimum heat for the blower.  The blower output can be streamed to flow as per requirement. There is a detachable outlet which can be adjusted for this purpose. To make storage easier there is also a hanging hole. You just use it to hang it near your dressing area. There is also the blow controller from which you can adjust the blower and make sure you use only as much as required.

The dryer is added up with new functionality that features ionic functionality. In this functionality, the dryer releases millions of active ions which stick onto the hair to avoid the static electricity effect on it. It also gives shine to your beautiful hair and the effect is long-lasting. To add on there is also an option to shoot a blast of cold hair which sets the hair to the style you require.

Things we liked

  • Lightweight design to make it easier to use and gives less stress to the wrist
  • Adjustable blow outlet
  • Active Ions feature to make the hair shine and also avoid frizz

Things we did not like

  • The product was missing the cold air blast feature
  • The package should have been better

4. Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer

This Panasonic 1000W hair dryer is dual in many ways. To start with this is a dual blue coloured. This blue gives it a very classy look and is also funky at the same time. It has a patch of grey area that also adds up to the looks of the dryer. This is an ergonomically designed dryer which eliminates all the stress when using it. On the main body, there is a vent on the back which is the source of air for the blower. There is a fan within which has the DC motor that blows the air through the blower outlet in the front. In the middle, there are dual heaters which give out enough heat so that the blower blows it on the har to dry it.

Along the handle is the 2-speed switch which has 3 speed settings to control the speed of the blower. You can control to make sure the right amount of air is blown and it does not damage your hair. Down the handle is the power cord which runs 1.8-meters long so that it is easily accessible from long distances and it becomes easy to use. People with long hair would find it very useful as they need the cord to be longer. Its compact design of it makes it easy to handle. Just below the handle is the rubber loop which can be used to hang the dryer while not in use.

The cord is tangled free and hence it is it will be easy to use. This styling is so well that it provides salon like styling. You will have lesser reasons to visit a salon now.

Things we liked

  • The cord is 1.8-meters long hence easy access is available
  • Ergonomically designed dryer which is easy to handle and stress-free movement
  • 1000 Watts turbo dryer
  • Dual speed controller

Things we did not like

  • Burning smell whenever plugged in
  • Noisy sound

5. Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer 1000W

Syska has grown up in recent years in the Indian market and they have been doing well in the market. This is a 1000W hair dryer which is giving good competition to its competitors. The back of the blower has an air inlet which makes the dryer quiet. That means you can use the dryer without the irritation of any noise. Other dryers from other brands have big noise which becomes very irritating. This one avoids it. The dryer comes in soft white colour which makes it look elegant. The dryer itself is foldable along the handle which makes it easy to carry around and also when you travel away.

The blower has a concentrator which makes sure the even flow of air is achieved. This concentrator is transparent which makes the dryer look classy. As there is a heater in it whose heat is blown up using the blower it also has some safety features. The overheating protection makes sure the heater is not overheated. This also means that heat balance technology comes into play. There is something called the health breeze mode which blows out very warm air or sometimes cold air which sets the style you are looking for.

The 2-speed setting enables you to adjust the heat that is blown to the hair. There is a rubber hook that can be used to hang the dryer when it is not in use. Easy to store. The dryer is designed in such a way that even if you use it every day the hair does not get damaged. This product is designed and produced in Korea and has 2 years warranty with it.

Things we liked

  • 2 years warranty
  • Overheating protection makes sure your hair does not get damaged
  • Dual speed controller

Things we did not like

  • Cold flow is mentioned but does not work

6. CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer

I cannot just say unique but this dryer mostly resembles a spaceship that we see on television. The colour black adds to its similarity. This is a strong 2000 watts hair dryer which is also designed ergonomically. The design of this dryer is indeed very attractive due to the colour combination with the body and the buttons. The blower outlet is a flat opening which ensures even blow off the air from the blower. It also ensures no damage to the hair due to the heat. The blower starts with the bulged end which has the air vent to make sure fresh air is sucked in. As the blower runs along it becomes sleek making its design unique. The blower outlet also is provided with an additional add on the concentrator, the second one which is narrower than the first one. The handle of the dryer is been provided with grips due to which the drying process is much simpler and stress-free.

The dryer comes with heat shielding technology, which means even after long usage the heat does not get transferred to the handle or where it should not reach. The dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. Added on is the 2-meter length of the power which you can use to have access to long hair also. The cable also has a protective layer around which insults it better

Things we liked

  • Artistic and ergonomically designed
  • Heat shielding technology makes sure the heat does not travel to the handle
  • 2-meter cable makes it easily accessible

Things we did not like

  • Low quality

7. HANA Professional Hot And Cold Hair Dryer

This is the uniquely designed dryer from the Skin Plus brand and this is similar to the previous one we talked about. If you want to have a quick hair dry and you want to make sure you concentrate it on a specific area then this additional detachable concentrate can be used to do specific hairstyles.

There is this overheating protection which adds as a safety measure. This will avoid any hair burn and also if the overheating might have an adverse effect on the other dryer parts. Continuous massage to the hair and the blowing of hot hair makes the hair look very shiny and can set your required style without much hassle. This dryer also has low noise and this feature has been patented by Skin Plus Hana.

The blower also has the capability to blow cold air to set the style. You can turn it to hot mode with a simple switch along the handle.

Things we liked

  • Overheating protection technology which makes it safer to use
  • Unique design makes it attractive
  • 2 meters of power cord for easy access
  • The blower inlet is designed well and has a meshed closure

Things we did not like

  • Poor quality of the dryer

8. VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer

This is the Vega pro touch dryer which is probably the coolest one to see. It has a black body which also looks like a gun. The dryer comes with an 1800-2000 W dryer with heating included. The heater is a good one and might heat up to high temperatures. To avoid any hair burn the dryer is provided with the 2-speed controller which makes sure you blow the hot it only as much required and not more or less.

There is one press button for the cold air to blow. When you keep on setting the hair as per your requirement and then you finally got the right one then, you need to press this button to release cold air which will set the hair as required.

The outlet has been provided with 2 detachable nozzles, which can be used to moderate the blower and make sure you get the right heat to your hair. The body runs along the power cable. The beginning of the cable has a rubber hole and it can be used to hang the dryer when not in use. To add as a safety measurement, if due to any reason there is this overheating then there is this heat cut-out. The power consumption is low when compared to the other brand’s dryer.

Things we liked

  • The cool shot button provided to use it when required
  • 2 speed setting to make use of the blowing as per our requirement
  • Black in colour and elegant to look

Things we did not like

  • Additional nozzles poor quality built

9. Lifelong LLPCW08 Professional Hair Dryer

Lifelong professional hair dryers indeed should be usable for life long. Well, we will talk about how it is. The dryer comes with a 1.8-meter cord and has a 2-pin plug into the electricity. This has a black and elegant look making it attractive. The dryer folds along the neck which makes it even easier to hit carry along when you are travelling. You can just plug into the power cord and start using it. This dryer provides a quick setting to your wet hair and makes sure you get that dashing hair style without much hassle.

As you massage the hair along the comb when using this dryer, it adds an extra shine to your hair making you look attractive. The dryer comes with 2 speed heating setting so that the right heat passes on the hair. When the hairstyle is set then just hit the cold shot and the hair sets as it was then. It gives long lasting effects on the hair and can keep you groomed on a daily basis.

This dryer comes with a 1600 W powered heater which heats up the dryer to give you optimal usage of the heat produced. The concentrator provided is of 2 types. The concentrators are very useful as it provides the isolation of the airflow so that you can direct it only where you need the hot air to blow. There is also a hook provided which can be used t hand the dryer on the nail or another hook.

Things we liked

  • 1-year brand warranty
  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings making the dryer compatible with many people
  • 2 concentrators

Things we did not like

  • Not suitable for daily use
  • Not usable to style your hair

10. VEGA Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer

Vega comes up with another hair dryer which is different to the other model that we discussed. This dryer resembles a fish. The blower and the handle are connected where the dryer can be folded along. This ensures easy to carry when you travel and you can simply plug it into an electric socket and start using it. This is powered by an 1100 W heater and motor hence giving out a very good result for the dryer.

The dryer can do the work quite fast and dry up your hair if it is wet. If not wet then you can use it to style your hair so that you look more beautiful with the styled hair. The dryer has 1 cool and 1 heat setting. There is a detachable concentrator which focuses the air blow to a single place so that you can set that part. As these machines are small spreading the heat along a wider outlet can really waste effort.  This nozzle is detachable and you can use the dryer even without it.

There is also a cord guard which is also attached to the rubber loop. The cord guard protects the cord. The loop provided can be used to hang the dryer along a hook. This will be helpful when not in use. As per safety, there is an automatic power cut-out which means you will not get an additional electricity bill.

Things we liked

  • The foldable handle makes it easy to carry around
  • A detachable nozzle makes it easy to use however we require

Things we did not like

  • Poor quality complaints
  • There is always smelling of something

How To Choose A Good Hair Dryer

Well with so many bigger brands available in the market it becomes difficult to choose the best hair dryer for your requirement. Hence, we will take you through some features which might be helpful for you to make your decision.


The type of heater used in the dryer is very important to know. Some dryers come with 2 heaters to provide more hot air for a longer time. Most of them have only 1 heater but with high power of up to 1000-2000W. Hence based on the length of your hair and the frequency of the usage you can choose which one to select. The efficiency of the heater is also very important. If the heater gives out a lot of heat and in the meantime also uses electricity a lot then this coulee turns out to be a very expensive one. So read the reviews and the power consumption details which are usually provided on the website the products are sold on.


Warranty is the guarantee that the company gives saying that if the product is not working or stopped working then you can reach out to the company for a replacement of the dryer. If there is no warranty then the customers might find it difficult to trust the product and buy it. Warranty is another strategy from the brand to encourage product buying. But you should also be careful as sometimes you might end up buying the product with a warranty but the company might not be in its post purchase service. Hence smartly choose the best brand with the warranty.

Technology Usage

Some dryers have additional technological improvements due to which they have come up with tech like active Ions being blown out by the dryer. These ions tend to release the frizz in the hair and thus making it smooth and shiny. It also keeps the static electricity away which is generated due to plastic friction like the comb.

Other technology might include Overheating protection. In this case, the dryer automatically shuts off, preventing overheating of the heater inside the machine. There is also the heat shielding technology which does not let the heat travel to the handle while using the dryer.

Then there is heat balancing technology, in this case, the heat is produced consistently and also blown out consistently to make sure the heat reaching the hair is even and there is no damage to the hair while using this technology.


A brand is another feature which can be very persuasive. Brands like Braun and Philips are the most common among people. Braun has been in the salons for a long time now. Philips is known to be good with electrical appliances across. Panasonic and Syska can be very good also. If the price is not a bigger deal for you then you can go with either Braun or Philips. These companies have done the research for a long time now and have got the expertise. Hence going for a good brand also is very useful. You will mostly have the warranty also in place to be covered at least for 1-2 years so that you can really use them without worry.


Price is the most important factor to consider when buying any product. Philips products are not too highly-priced hence they are the most affordable ones with various features like warranty, ionic technology and many more in place. Braun also has gained the trust and can be a bit expensive. Now if you are looking for some specific brand then before buying it please look at the price with a combination of the features involved. There are some highly priced brands also which look very sophisticated. You can also go for them provided the usage of these is for a longer time and on a daily basis.

The Do’s and Don’t When Blow Drying Your Hair

Do not take blow drying lightly because if you do you might damage your hair. Sometimes the damage is irreversible and you will have to go for expensive treatments to make your hair situation better. Today, we are discussing the do’s and don’t’s of the blow drying process. Read each brief pointer carefully and with full concentration –

Don’t neglect heat protectants

Earlier it was difficult to get your hands on a good hair protectant spray as they were very costly. However, these days such products come at an effective rate so that everyone can afford them. Never skip using these products especially when you are using high heat on your hair shafts.

Do blow drying after a few minutes from coming out of the shower

Instead of going on board with the dryer directly, you must dry your hair a little with the use of a towel. When wrapping your hair in the towel make sure they are not getting pulled unnecessarily. You can also start using microfiber and light towels which dry hair by many times and still don’t feel heavy on the hair roots and the head.

Don’t brush or comb your hair while you are drying it

Many people think that combing their hair while using the blow dryer will reduce the time required in the drying process. However, this is an entirely false claim. Instead, you will end up damaging and weakening your hair if you practice this. Skip this especially when your hair is wet or damp, to begin with.

Do keep the dryer moving

Not moving the dryer and keeping it in the same spot will only damage the hair. If this area is in the scalp region, you might also end up damaging the hair follicles. Such hair will become weaker and over time its growth might also get retarded. Hence, always dry to make the dryer move along in just a few seconds along the shaft and try not to focus heat on the roots.

Don’t use high heat regularly

There are times when you will need very high heat to dry your hair and style it in the required way. However, that should be done only on special occasions and not regularly. Heat will make your hair lose a lot of strength. It will also make your hair feel dry and frizzy once you are done using the blower.

Hair Dryer Frequently Asked Questions

Does a hairdryer cause radiation?

Yes, most hairdryers would on the technology of thermal air production and hence produces radiation. That is one of the main reasons why you are always suggested by experts to hold the hairdryer at a particular distance from your hair. This way, you will be able to dry your hair and still keep it safe from harmful radiation. Radiation is not the only problem that you will face by placing the hairdryer close to your hair. The heat can also damage the hair.

Does a hairdryer damage my hair?

When you know the right way to blow-dry your hair, then you will not have to face any kind of problem with hairdryers. They will just dry the hair. But if you are using a hairdryer on an already dried hair, it can cause damage. Excessive use of hairdryers can also be harmful to your hair, just like excess of anything is harmful to the human body.

What would be the average cost of a good hairdryer?

You will be able to find hairdryers from Rs 500 to 10,000 as well. All of them will help dry your hair, and some of them can also be used for styling your hair. So, it all depends on what features you are looking for in your hairdryer and how you wish to use it. As you are going to use a hairdryer on your hair, you will have to make sure that you are investing in a quality product. You need to pick one that meets both your budget and also your hair styling needs.

I have thin hair, so which is the right type of hairdryer for me?

If you have thin hair, then you should try to find a dryer that can add volume and thickness to your thin hair. A ceramic hairdryer is a good choice when you wish to style thin hair. Thin hair can easily get damaged if you apply a lot of heat to the hair. So, this hairdryer will be very helpful in regulating the temperature and does not make your hair fragile. Along with that, your hair will look lively and bulky as it lifts the hair strands.

Can I use my hairdryer daily?

The answer is a strict NO. Many hair experts suggest that you should try to dry your hair naturally as much as possible. You should use it only when required. If you are using the hairdryer daily, it will make the scalp dry, and a dry scalp can lead to hair breakage. If you are unable to avoid the use of a hairdryer every day, then it is good to apply moss or serum to the hair before you apply heat. This way, you can protect your hair to some extent.

How many watts of hairdryer should I pick?

When the wattage is high, then you will be able to dry your hair faster and better. So, always go for a high wattage hair dryer as long as your budget permits. An 1800-watt hairdryer is one of the best choices.


As mentioned in the preface, hair dryers have been here for some time. Initially, they were merely used as a dryer and now we have multi-purpose ones. Now they are the styling tool that is being used everywhere. The above content was an effort to try and ease out the selection process for the buyer of the Hair dryer. Hopefully, this was achieved.