10 Best Electric Beard Straightener in India – Reviews & Guide

You are always on the lookout for the beard straightener to make your life easier when it comes to the art of beard styling.

In olden days, just a few years back, professionals were expected to have a clean shave before they go to a meeting or sometimes even to the office. But with the change in times these practices are also now vanished. There was a time when you tried growing a bread and one of your elders at home would tell you it is not good to grow a bread and it is not a good sign. But now, those days are gone and it is a fashion statement. Beard adds to the good looks of a person if it well groomed and well maintained. There are various products that help you in this regard. There are combs, creams, lotions, oils and many such more. Read Also: Best Beard Growth Oil In India

For some men the beard does not grow straight and they grow either curly or haphazard. These type of growth does not look good and gives a very shabby look. To overcome these kinds of issues there are also other grooming products like straightener.

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Best Buy Electric Beard Straighteners Online in India

In this content we will be talking on the beard straighteners that are available and what are the additional uses and which one would suit your needs. Come on now, let us get straight to the point and discuss more on it as we go below.

1. Xenoty Electric Beard Styling Iron Straightener

Xenoty Electric Beard Styling Iron Straightener

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Xenoty comes with the straightener which can be used for the beard styling and also hair styling. The straightener is very simple. It is long comb with a handle. At the handle you have a on/off switch. Once you use this switch to put it on, it will take about 40 seconds to heat up. On the other end of the straighter is the heater with attached comb to it. The heater is double sided and as you use a comb to brush your hair use this along the beard and the straightener will iron the hair that comes within the comb.

This straightener can be used by even women to straighten their hair. This is a multi-purpose one that can be used for both beard and hair for men and hair for women. The heater uses 110-240v of electricity to heat and takes around 40 seconds to heat, hence need not wait for long to get it heated up. The design of this straightener is also very smart and hence it does not hurt or burn your skin. This is also easy to carry. If you are trying to gift someone with a gift this would be a perfect choice for men.

Things we liked

  • Handy and easy to use
  • Fits into your kit very easily
  • Perfect gift for men

Things we did not like

  • Very less heat as per reviews
  • The quality of the product is not too good

2. RYLAN Quick Hair Styler for Men Electric Beard Straightener

RYLAN Quick Hair Styler

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Rylan is a multi-functional hair and beard straightener that can also be used for women for hair straightening. This is an easy to carry straightener that fits in your grooming kit or in your bag when you travel. It has a comb at one end and the other end is a handle. There is a on/off switch which can be used to switch on the heater. It takes hardly around 30 seconds to heat up the heater. Once the straightener is heated, you can brush along the beard or your hair to set it up as you require.

The heater in the straightener, irons your hair with the right amount of heat so that is does not burn up or hurt it. The handle also has good grip to hold the straightener so that it is easy to navigate the comb along the hair or the beard and making the process simple and faster. The comb has also anti-scald which make sure the hair does not get tangled.

Things we liked

  • Heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Storage hanging hole makes it easy for storage
  • Can be used by both men and women

Things we did not like

  • Less warranty period of just 2 months

3. Wazdorf Quick Hair Styler for Men Electric Beard Straightener

Wazdorf Quick Hair Styler

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Wazdorf has come up with this hair and bear straightener which is unique in its design. This straightener comes with an attachable comb that combs the hair and the heating pad behind that heats up the hair making sure the hair sets as you comb along. You can also use it along the hair to give a good hair style. This one is specifically designed only for men and the design of the straightener does not fit in correctly for women. The heater is also quick enough to heat within 15 seconds of switching on.

To avoid direct burning of the hair there is a protective layer that avoids the direct contact with the hair and hence making sure the hair or skin does not burn. The handle and the grip of the handle is also very nice making it easy to use and smooth to navigate along the hair and the beard. The shape of the straightener is also designed to make sure the heater access is very easy.

Things we liked

  • The design and shape make it easy to use
  • Protective layer to avoid hair burn
  • Can be used as hair massager, straightener and hair setter

Things we did not like

  • Not compatible for women

4. EAYIRA Hair Styler for Men Electric Beard Straightener

EAYIRA Hair Styler for Men Electric Beard Straightener

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This is also designed similar to the previous straightener. Eayira hair straightener comes with the protective case and comb together which fits in on the heating pad. The reach of the heating pad to the hair is also made such a way that it does not burn the hair or damage it. The heating pad heats up to 120 degree Celsius which is the optimum temperature for the hair. The power indicator indicates if it is switched on or off.

The heater takes around 15 seconds to preheat and then you can start using it. You can brush it along the beard to make it straight or set it as per your style. This straightener also is easy to carry when you travel. It fits into your luggage and does not show it is there. The power on switch is on the side of the handle. The handle is designed to make sure it is easier for you to massage the come along your hair or beard. It also does not hurt your wrists. It is also fast to use and set up your beard or hair style.

Things we liked

  • Protective layer that prevents the hair burn
  • 15 seconds preheating and heats up faster
  • Easy to use and lets you set your hair or beard or both faster

Things we did not like

  • This straightener is not compatible for women

5. Rozols Quick Hair Styler for Men Electric Beard Straightener

Rozols Quick Hair Styler

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This is a multi-purpose hair and beard straightener by Rozols which is designed for various purposes. It can be used as hair massager which in turn straightens the hair. It gives a shiny texture to the hair. It can straighten your curly hair very easily within minutes. It comes in handy when you are travelling and fits in your luggage very easily. Preheating is around 15 seconds and then it can heat up to 120 degree Celsius that makes it ideal for the hair straighten or massaging. The comb and the protective covering come in a single piece and fits in on top of the heating pad. This protective covering also makes sure the hair does not get burnt along the combing.

Th heater can straighten your hair in 3 mins. This effect will be long lasting making it stay until the end of the day. It is also light weighted one. It has a hole to hang and hence easy to store.

Things we liked

  • Preheating is only 15 seconds
  • Hair massage, straighten and setting all in one
  • Quick and easy to use

Things we did not like

  • Reviews complained of low quality
  • Compatible only for men

6. ADTALA Beard and Hair Straightening Brush

Xenoty Electric Beard Styling Iron Straightener

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This is one sleek looking hair/beard straightener by Adtala which rises up to the occasion when you need one. This is a handy one which you can carry anywhere and you can start using it just by plugging into the power outlet. On the handle there is the power button. Just above the button is the indicator light which shows that the heater is on or off. The handle has a grip which makes sure you can use it easily and does not slip off. It will be easy to navigate it along the hair or the beard.

Along the other side of the handle is the comb with the heater. The heater is two sided so that it can iron the hair as it is moved along the hair. The comb is also designed such a way that it untangles the hair if there is any tangle. You can straighten, set your hair beard within minutes as it takes only around 30-40 seconds to heat up.

Things we liked

  • Easy to use comb and integrated heater
  • Can be used by both men and women as it is as simple as a comb
  • Easy storage as has a hanging hole

Things we did not like

  • Users found it difficult to use as beard straightener
  • Low quality as reviewed by users

7. ZIZLY Men Quick Beard Straightener

ZIZLY Men Quick Beard Straightener

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This is an easy to use hair and beard straightener from Zizly. The unique design of the device is such that it enables easy access the corners when using it on the beard or for the hair. It is as simple as using a comb. Along with the comb is the heating pad which straightens the hair. Be it the beard or the hair. This is compatible only for men. The heating of the heater starts within 15-20 seconds of switching it on. The button is located on the handle of the straightener which is easily accessible by the thumb.

The comb is fit on top of the heating pad. It also protects the hair from burn or excessive heat. The effect of the heating is long-lasting and it lasts till the end of the day. The design is ergonomically compatible to use it. You would not get tired using it and also is easy to navigate along the hair or beard. The heater heats up to 120 degree Celsius. You can set up a new style or straighten within minutes without any hassle.

Things we liked

  • Easy a quick to use
  • Long lasting effect of heating
  • Ergonomically designed

Things we did not like

  • Not compatible for women

8. VUBA Quick Beard Straightener Hair Styler Comb

VUBA Quick Beard Straightener Hair Styler Comb

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This is another uniquely designed beard straightener which is useful while you travel or at your home or even at the restroom in your office. It is quick and easy to use and need only 5 mins to get your hair straightened or beard set. This one from VUBA is designed for safety and ergonomically fit for usage. When I say safe it is because there is a protective layer which saves your hair from being burnt. This will make sure your hair does not get damaged along the process. The handle is also smooth which allows easy usage along.

Now coming to the heating part, it takes around 15 seconds to preheat. Once that is done it heats up to 120 degree Celsius which is ideal heat for the hair and the hair does not get damaged. There is also distributed heating along which avoids any isolate over heating of the heating pad.

Things we liked

  • Quicker to use and set hair due to its ergonomic design
  • Can be used for hair or the beard
  • Protective cover for the heating pad to avoid hair burns

Things we did not like

  • Not compatible for women
  • Functionality is not as described

9. Shoppozone Men Quick Beard Straightener Hair Comb

Shoppozone Men Quick Beard Straightener Hair Comb

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Shoppozone have introduced this multifunctional hair/beard straightener which is very handy for everyone who likes to groom themselves. If you want to look good with a beard then this is the one that helps you do that. The unique ergonomically designed straightener is also safe to use. The protective layer on the heating pad makes sure the hair is not burnt or not damaged. The protective layer also has the comb teeth which combs the hair when moved along the hair. In the same process it massages the hair also.

The effects of the massage are long lasting and gives a shiny look and texture. You can straighten your hair within few minutes and your hand will not get tired due to the design. It is light in weight and also easy to carry when you travel.

Things we liked

  • Multi-functional – Hair/beard straightener, hair comb, style setting
  • Quick to heat up
  • Protective layer protects the hair not over heating

Things we did not like

  • Not compatible for women
  • Low quality complaints

10. WIDEWINGS Multifunctional Beard Hair Straightener Comb

WIDEWINGS Multifunctional Beard Hair Straightener Comb

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This hair styling and beard styling heating comb from Widewings is great while travelling. It is sleek in design and also multi-functional at the same time. There is this detachable safe comb which will help with the combing of hair. It is easy to use comb. The heating pad is at the safe distance as it combs along and does not burn or damage the hair.

Making sure you get a long-lasting shiny effect from using this, the heater heats up to 120 degree Celsius which is ideal for hair. The handle of the comb is also ergonomically designed to provide great usage and makes surer it reaches corners of the beard or the back of the head.

Things we liked

  • Quick to transform from a shabby hairstyle to a good looking one
  • Straightens hair in 3 minutes
  • Light weighted to make sure you do not get tired

Things we did not like

  • Women cannot use it due to its design
  • The package missed the brand name

How to choose the right Electric Beard Straightener

If you want to use your Electric Beard Straightener for a longer-term, then you need to invest your precious time to search for the best Electric Beard Straighteners that are available in the market. We have prepared this buying guide to inform you about some essential pointers that should be considered whilst purchasing the Electric Beard Straightener. Go ahead and read the following pointers.

1. Size: The beard straighteners are available in a wide variety of sizes. Different sizes of straighteners are made for different sizes of beards. You can choose the beard straightener on the basis of your beard size. If are someone who likes having a short beard then purchase the beard straightener whose bristles are smaller than two inches. But if you like having a long beard then go for the straightener with longer bristles.

2.Weight: Just like the various size options, the beard straighteners are also available in different weights. A beard straightener should not be too heavy to hold. Always go for a light-weighted beard straightener. This will minimize the hand fatigue that usually happens while holding the device. Also, the light-weighted beard straighteners are travel-friendly. And you can easily carry it in your traveling bag. Which means you can style your beard while you’re in your vacations.

3. Auto Shut-off Feature: Another important feature to consider while making the purchase of the Electric Beard Straightener is its auto-shut feature. Because of this feature, the device automatically gets turned off when not in use. This prevents the device from over-heating and shorts. This feature also ensures the safety of the users. Therefore, always buy such a beard straightener that has an automatic shut-off feature. You will thank us later for this.

4. Portability: Always purchase the beard straightener that is easy to carry. A portable beard straightener will always come handy while traveling.

5. Temperature control buttons: This is probably one of the most important things to consider while purchasing the beard straightener. A beard straightener should have temperature control buttons. This will allow you to adjust the temperature and select the desired temperature for your beard. This feature will eliminate the chances of getting your skin burned while straightening the beard.

6. Cost: Always purchase the beard straightener that suits your budget. Purchasing an extremely expensive beard straightener is not something that we suggest. This is because the beard straighteners are meant to be changed every 2-3 years. And purchasing an expensive product does not necessarily mean you’ll get the best quality. But, we also do not suggest to go for too cheap products. Because they are not made with good quality materials. We suggest our readers to read the reviews and ratings of the product before purchasing it. This will help you select an efficient as well as a durable product. There are numerous brands that offer a good beard straightener at affordable cost. Select your beard straightener mindfully.

Electric Beard Straightener Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have never used this product before. Will it make a change to my beard?

Yes, the supreme ironing and heating technology helps to make these products advanced grooming products for men. Why to pay in a salon when you can get straight beards at home within minutes? Every man must try these electric beard straightener once in life.

  1. How to use an electric beard straightener properly?

If you are using the heated brush straighteners, you just need to comb your beard the usual way. There is nothing too much fancy about these products. If you want to know more about the use, make sure you read your product manual before using it for the first time.

  1. Can I use it to straighten my beard every day?

There is not much requirement for straightening your beard every day. Doing it twice or thrice a week is sufficient. However, if you still wish to straighten every day, make sure that you nourish your beard with beard oil following the act.

  1. What should be the ideal temperature to use it?

Beards have thicker hair in contrast to your hair on the scalp. Therefore, these appliances operate at a little higher temperature in comparison with iron straighteners. A temperature of 385 degrees can readily give a smooth finish to your beard.

  1. Should I invest too much in a beard straightener?

No, we do not recommend investing too much in an electric beard straightener. However, we also do not suggest to go for a cheap product. Look for a reputed brand and features available in the appliance. You can choose to spend a moderate amount of money & you’ll get a good product. 

  1. Will I also get a warranty on these products?

Yes, depending upon which product and brand you pick, you will get a warranty for up to 2 years. It helps the customer to be reassured about the electrical beard straightener appliance.

  1. How do I use the different temperature settings?

If your beards are manageable, we suggest you use one or two temperature settings. However, if your beard is thick and course, temperature setting more than three will work perfectly.

  1. Will I make my hair more prone to burn?

No, you will not make your hair more prone to burn and damage, if you know the frequency and method of use. Also, make sure to use heat protectant products on the beard before starting to apply heat. 

  1. Can I use it to straighten my hair as well?

Some beard straighteners also come with hair straightening feature. If you want to fulfill both the purpose, go for the products that can do both. If you consistently try to use a beard straightener on your hair, its function will slowly deteriorate.

  1. Does these products require pre-heating?

Yes, to bring the temperature of the appliance to an optimal heat level, you need to wait for 15 to 30 seconds. It differs from every other electrical beard straightener. Make sure you check this feature before picking the product.


Beard straighteners are very useful nowadays for men as it is common to have beard even in professional works. It in fact makes men look handsome and attractive when it is well groomed including your hairstyle. It shows a sense of how organised is the person and gives the best first impression. There are so many brands available for the beard straightener but we have managed to list out the best 10 of them so that it will be easier for you to choose which one suits best for you. Hope we have made your selection process easier.