10 Best Hair Brush In India for Thin Hair – Reviews & Guide

Hair brush is an essential thing for our daily regime. Brushes are used to simply comb your hair, or used during straightening the hair, styling your hair and lot of other purposes. For any need to your hair, a hair brush is quite essential. Every hair brush is designed for its specific need. Some might work best on wet hair and some on dry hair. The bristles also matter when you are selecting your hair brushes. Whether you are using it for styling purpose or during blow drying, it is important to use the right kind of brush for your purpose. You have to choose the best one to ease the process of combing. For your benefit, we are listing out the 10 best hair brushes that you can find online which can be used by both men and women.

In addition to that, we are providing the types of hair brushes available for you to get a basic idea and also a buying guide. Let us get started.

Different Types of Hair Brushes

If you do not have that much knowledge on hair brushes then this section is for you. It would be much easier to style your hair or do whatever you want if you have the correct kind of hair brush. Let us go into the different types available in the market, so that you will get an idea on which brush to buy.

  • Round Brush: It is a common type of brush that most of us prefer. It consists of boar-bristles which are very good at creating shiny and smooth look on your hair. They can be used on long hair and it gives you the volume look too. For longer hair, it is better to take a round brush with more diameter.
  • Paddle Brush: This is the kind of brush that is most commonly used. It helps to detangle your hair and tame it in a proper way. You can use it with a blow dryer to dry your hair quicker.
  • Detangling Brush: As the name itself indicates, this brush is ideal for smoothing your dry or wet hair without damaging your hair. If you have thick hair and often have tangles, you can use this brush to not break your hairs while combing. However, do not use this brush at any time with blow dryer.
  • Smoothing Brush: This is the best brush when you are styling your hair. When you comb your hair for ponytail or a bun, you might find bumps or separations on hair spoiling your styling. With the smoothing brush, you will be able to overcome this problem and gives your styling the perfect look.
  • Enhancer Brush: This kind of hair brush have double set of bristles which helps to enhance shine and smoothness. So, this brush can be used at last once your styling is done to give that last minute shine.
  • Straightening Brush: This is a thermal hair brush which gets heated easily and can flat-iron your hair. This gives your hair the straightening look with smoothness.

Best Buy Hair Brushes Online In India

After seeing the types of hair brushes, you might be wanting to order one. However, with so many options out there in market, it would be confusing to select the perfect hair brush for your hair. So, we are listing out the best hair brushes in India for you to look at. All these hair brushes have high ratings and will serve you for a long time. Let us go ahead and look at the details.

1. Vega Round Brush

Vega Round Brush

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The first hair brush from our list is from Vega who offer wide variety of high quality hair brushes. This brush is a round brush of model R3-RB. This brush is perfect when you would like to curl your hair. It even adds volume and you can style your hair to have waves or curls. The bristles of this brush have ball tips which stimulate the scalp in a better way when you comb. This releases natural oils. Also, with these bristles the brush can easily enter your hair and comb conveniently without tangles. They are even thin and can be carried in a handbag comfortably. The cleaning of this brush is quite simple. All you need is a shampoo and water. The handle does not slip in your hand and you have excellent grip which is important when you comb your hair.

Things We Liked

  • Vega brand is one of the best for hair brushes.
  • Adds volume, curls and texture to your hair
  • Bristles are ball tipped and nylon made

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some people complained about the quality and hardness of bristles.

2. FOK Rectangular Cushion Paddle Hair Brush

FOK Rectangular Cushion Paddle Hair Brush

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FOK is one of the best beauty accessory companies available in the market. Our next hair brush is from this popular brand. It is a paddle type hair brush. This hair brush is perfect for any length hair and when you comb out, each hair strand is combed giving the volume to the hair. If you have more tangles in your hair, this cushioned paddle brush is the perfect choice. It detangles both wet and dry hair. Tangling up is a greatest problem and when you comb, breakage happens. But with this hair brush, detangling is proper. This paddle brush have nylon rounded tips giving your scalp necessary massage  improving blood circulation. Even though the bristles are nylon made, they are flexible enough to not hurt. The frizz is reduced by making your hair smoother.

Things We Liked                                                                                                                                            

  • This rectangular paddle hair brush gives smoothness and volume to your hair while detangling effortlessly.
  • Made of flexible nylon rounded tip bristles
  • Any hair length person can use this brush comfortably.

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some people reviewed that rounded tips fall out after using for some time.

3. Roots Wotta Brush Hair Brush Detangling

Roots Wotta Brush Hair Brush Detangling

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With a number of unique designs, the next product is from Roots Wotta. This hair brush is specially designed for detangling your hair and with its high quality design, this detangling can be done with one stroke. In addition to that, the bristles are very flexible and sensitive making your detangling experience pain free. The bristle tips are ball type giving the adequate massage to your scalp when combing. You can use this comb on both wet and dry hair. This brush flexes and bends as you like for superior separating of knots. You can use this comb on any hair type. With unique designs, this comb looks bright.

Things We Liked

  • The bristles have ball tips massaging your scalp gently and they can flex in different directions
  • Detangling experience is completely painless and knots are also removed painlessly.
  • Can be used on any hair type and length

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some people felt that the bristles are too soft and over flexible.

 4. GUBB USA Oval Hair Brush Vogue Range for Men & Women

GUBB USA Oval Hair Brush

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With so many items in market, GUBB is a popular brand which also manufactures hair brushes of high quality. This is a oval cushioned hair brush with soft bristles handling your scalp effectively. Also, with the ball tips, you can get adequate massage for your scalp without damaging your hair. The handle is designed ergonomically making it firm to handle and while combing gives you the maximum support needed without hurting your hand. The hair texture is not lost as it doesn’t break your hair while combing and detangles it gently. You can style your hair easily with oval cushioned shape. The shiny appearance of your hair is improved and makes your hair smooth.

Things We Liked

  • Oval shaped cushion gives perfect styling factor to your hair
  • The soft ball tips of bristles help to massage your scalp gently without damaging your hair or scalp
  • Comfortably designed handle for firm grip

Things We Did Not Like

  • Nothing as such

 5. Vega Flat Brush with Wooden and Black Colored Handle

Vega Flat Brush with Wooden and Black Colored Handle

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The next one on this list is again from the popular Vega brand. It is a flat brush and can be used as a daily styling hair brush. Gives perfect volume to your hair and also helps polishing, smoothening, or shaping your hair in your required style. The ball tips of the bristles stimulate your scalp, detangle your hair and root of the hair gets lifted. This flat brush is rectangular in shape and has a sleek design. You can carry it along with you in your hand bag and can use it on the go. There are about 9 rows of bristles. The handle is colored black and wood. This gives perfect grip while combing your hair

Things We Liked

  • Any hair type can take this comb pretty well
  • It has 9 rows of ball tipped bristles
  • Portable hair brush with a comfortable grip

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some people complained about the quality and hardness of bristles.

6. AGARO Delight Paddle Hair Brush

AGARO Delight Paddle Hair Brush

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The next hair brush from our recommended list is from AGARO and is a paddle hair brush. It comes in unique black and pink combination. The nylon bristles are flexible and are strong which allows for gentler brushing. Also, the bristles have ball tips and they are anti-static which gives you smoother combing experience. By using this hair brush you can smoothen, straighten or groom your hair well and it also adds some shine to your hair. There is a cushion base which touches smooth on the scalp giving you stress free combing. You can comfortably use this brush for anyone in your family and works well on wet hair too.

Things We Liked

  • Nylon ball tipped bristles which are strong and flexible. The tips are anti-static.
  • Soft cushion base give you best combing experience
  • You can smoothen, straighten or add shine to your hair using this brush.

Things We Did Not Like

  • Nothing as such

7. Sacred Salts Hair Detangling Brush

Sacred Salts Hair Detangling Brush

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The seventh hair brush from our list is from Sacred salts and is a perfect detangling hair brush. Specially made of anti-static material, this hair brush would not produce any electrostatic hair problems which we usually face. The pins are made of soft material but are tough enough to detangle. They are long lasting too. You can speed up drying process by the holes present on back of the brush making it a much quicker process. The hair brush have special 7 row tunnel vents which is the best option for styling your hair and it can be of any length, can be wet and most importantly can style oily hair much effectively. The handle is made of non-slip material and gives you the comfortable grip while combing.

Things We Liked

  • This detangling hair brush is made of anti-static material and doesn’t have the general electrostatic problem which we usually have
  • With holes present, blow drying is faster
  • 7 row tunnel vent helps to style your hair in the best way possible

Things We Did Not Like

  • It is slightly costly

8. Foreign Holics Flat Hair Brush 

Foreign Holics Flat Hair Brush

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We have a flat hair brush for our next product. This hair brush is from Foreign Holics and is reliable model. The hair brushes are available in different models and colors. You can also go with their combination products. Some include round brush or wide teeth comb or a paddle brush. The handles of this perfect flat hair brush have a velvet touch which gives absolute control when you comb your hair and also for not slipping the brush out of hands. The finish is perfect and it has round tips for scalp massage. Detangling can be done gently without breakage. They can be comfortably used by both men and women.

Things We Liked

  • Helps with detangling of hair which is either wet or dry
  • Can be used by men and women
  • Comes in different models and available in multi colors

Things We Did Not Like

  • There are few complaints about the handle quality

9. Foolzy Large Square Paddle Brushes for Hair Brush Detangling

Foolzy Large Square Paddle Brushes

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The Foolzy paddle hair brush is a large one which is square shaped. It has a cushion which is touchable. Most of the hair brushes work against the hair breaking hairs because of the tangles and knots. This paddle brush works miraculously in detangling your hair separating each strand gently without breaking your hair. The handle is long which is 4.5 inches. This makes it easy to carry and comb without slipping your hand. It gives the adequate grip that is necessary. The bristles are made of nylon with ball tips giving the air circulation for scalp promoting hair growth. Also, the soft cushion when it touches the scalp doesn’t feel hard. Combing with this hair brush is an advantage if you have dandruff. They sweep of dead cells, promote oils and give your scalp a healthy feel.

Things We Liked

  • Soft air cushion which can touched by scalp and has nylon ball tipped bristles promoting hair growth.
  • Detangling is an easy process with this brush and doesn’t break your hair
  • Long handle gives you perfect grip and this brush also helps remove dandruff

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some customers reviewed that the wooden handle keeps coming out

10. AY Round Hair Brush 

AY Round Hair Brush

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This is the last hair brush that we are going to list today. It is from AY and is a round brush. You can make quick curls using this brush and your hair looks amazing. With ball tipped nylon bristles, you would have gap between bristles, allowing some air circulation and you wont pull your hair. With the nylon bristles, you can smoothen your hair and it stays stronger. The brush is thin and can be carried easily in your bag. Also, the hair brush is lightweight which doesn’t strain your hand while combing.

Things We Liked

  • These hair brushes can be used for any hair length
  • Ball tipped nylon bristles allow air circulation and give smooth curls to your hair
  • Easier to carry and is light weight

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some people reviewed that rounded tips fall out after using for some time.

How To Choose The Best Hair Brush

Now that you have seen the best hairbrushes that are available in the market, if you are still not sure on what to look at while selecting them, then this is the section for you. Selecting hair brushes depends on your hair type too. Nothing can damage your hair like a wrong hair brush. Let us see some things that you need to check before ordering a hair brush.

Size: The size of the hair brush is an important thing to consider. If you have short or medium hair, a small brush might work for you. But for longer hair, big hair brushes are recommended.

Material: The material used to make hair brush should be of high quality wood or plastic.

Fine Hair: If you have fine hair, then you must be more careful than the others. Because fine hair can easily get damaged compared to other hair types. If you have this type of hair, you can go with boar bristles. They add smoothness and shine by distributing oils uniformly. Most of the people find that bristles which are synthetic or are a combination of nylon and boar are good.

Vented brush works well with medium or short hair. A paddle brush is normally used by most of the people.

For the people who have heavy curls, you can go with a paddle brush which have wider teeth.

For thick or wavy hair, a boar bristle brush and nylon material makes the bristles much stronger which allow to go easily into thick hair not breaking your hair.

For those who have fine hair with frizz, you should never use nylon bristles as they are too strong for your hair.

A wide tooth comb is another best option for curly or coarse hair.

An oval cushion brush helps to detangle any dry hair and adds shine to your hair.

How To Brush Your Hair Properly

Brushing your hair is something that you do every day. Do you know that most of us create some mistakes unknowingly while combing hair? If you are wondering about the unknown cause of excess hair fall, the wrong way of combing is one of the most potent reasons. Let us look at the steps of combing properly:

  1. Do not brush your hair too much:

Brushing hair more frequently will weaken up their roots and lead to more hair fall. Some girls have a habit of constantly touching and running fingers through their hair. It makes you look unconfident and also contributes to hair loosening. We recommend you to brush your hair two times a day. One in the morning after shower, and another at night before going to bed. It will help to distribute the natural sebum from your scalp throughout the day & during the night!

  1. Wait for your hair to dry:

Some women comb their wet hair, considering it is a healthy habit. One of the most potent causes of hair loss is combing wet hair. Therefore, make sure to wait for your hair to dry before combing. If you wish, you can use a wide-tooth comb for brushing damp hair.

  1. Use hairspray on brush to avoid frizz:

If your hair is excessively rough and frizzy, make sure you spray a little amount of hair spray on the brush & then comb your hair. It will help in moisturizing your hair & prevent dullness due to rough texture. You can alternatively use hair serum on your hair sections & brush it.

  1. Never leave your brush halfway:

When you start brushing your hair, never leave them halfway. We recommend brushing your hair right from the roots to the tips. It removes any tangles in the way. Also, it helps in distributing the natural scalp oils to your hair tips. It will keep your hair strands nourished.

  1. Do not comb your hair after oiling:

We do not recommend combing hair after putting hair oil. When you massage your hair, the blood circulation in the area increases. The pressure by your fingers weaken the poorly nourished hair & make them fragile. Therefore, if you comb your hair right after oiling, it can lead to more hair loss. If you still want to do it, use a wide-toothed brush. Make sure you begin with the hair tips and gradually progress to the roots.

  1. Use a hair detangling spray on curly hair:

If your hair is usually unmanageable, frizzy, curly, and dense, make sure you use a hair detangling spray. It will help you to brush them easily without much hair breakage due to no interruption by unnecessary tangles. It will make your hair manageable and smoother.

  1. Ensure using the right type of brush:

Use the right kind of hairbrush on different occasions to keep your hair healthy and glowing. If your hair is always tangled, use a wide toothbrush. It can also be used for wet hair. Using a flexible brush bristle brush on wet hair is also a good idea.

Hair Brush Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Should A Person Buy The Paddle Hair Brush Over Any Other Type?

The paddle hair brushes are quite popular in the market, not from now but from quite a long time. People suggest that if you have straight hair, then the paddle brushes are the best solution for you to brush your hair. But most of the people want to know what makes a paddle hair-brush suitable for nursing straight hairs. A basic paddle brush comes with a simple design, but the unique thing about this type of brush is that you can see the bristle coming out of a soft and cushioned base.

Yes, you got it right, the base where all the bristle usually installed is build-up with a cushioned material. That’s why the paddle brush known as the most comfortable and perfect suited for massaging the scalp. However, because of the soft and cushioned base and ideally long but soft bristles, it becomes a good option for straight hairs.

2. How Can Different Bristles Be Useful For Various Hair Styling Purposes?

As a buyer, you need to know that different hair brushes come with various types of bristles. And no one can’t neglect the fact that the bristles are the most important section of a hair-brush. In short, the styling of a hair-brush directly depends upon the bristles it comes with. There are many manufacturers present in the market that providing different types of bristles in their hair-brushes.

Like some manufacturers are offering the synthetic type of bristles and some offering the softest type of bristles. And to make a smart buying decision related to hair-brushes, you should first consider your hairstyle and kind, because in this way you can come to know which type of bristles can offer more value to you. If you have straight and simplified hairs, you don’t need to go with the firm bristles of hair-brushes.

3. Is There Any Issue If I Brush My Hair When They Are Wet?

Well, it is not a good habit to brush your hair right after taking a shower. When you usually take a shower, your hair starts getting softer, and thus the knots start getting formed. And if you brush your hair right after taking a shower, then these knots in your hair can cause severe hair damage and breakage issues.

When you brush your wet hair, then the bristles might be stuck in these hair knots, and then you have to put more effort into releasing the brush from your hair, and ultimately this thing can break your hairs. But if you prefer to brush your wet hair regularly, then you must stop this thing; otherwise, you will end up with low hair volume and continuous hair breakage.

4. How Often Should I Brush My Long Hair?

The brushing usually depends on the hair type you have; if you have curly hair, you should brush your hairs once or twice a day. It’s because, in this way, you can ensure the low hair breakage by brushing. But if you have long and straight hair, then it is a high recommendation for you to brush your hair at least twice or thrice a day.

Final Verdict

Hair brushes are an essential part of your daily grooming activities. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and smooth hair without damaging it. In this article, we have provided the buyer guide with different types of hair brushes and the top 10 best hair brushes that you could select. Go over them, choose a brush from our list and go to the link that we have provided to check more details and pictures. Once you are satisfied you can use the same link to order your hair brush.