Cookie Policy

Haircarestuffs (“Site”, “us”, “we”) may use cookies and other technologies to understand how you are using our website (, and customize and improve your experience. This policy explains what kind of data we collect, why we collect it, and who has access to it.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your computer when you visit the site. These cookies help the website remember you and make your visits more efficient. Cookies can also be used to ensure that your online experience is consistent across different websites or apps, and to allow certain functions on those sites or apps to work better for you.

Cookies are a way to collect data about how consumers use a website. This data gives a better understanding of customer behaviour, which helps improve the user experience and make more informed marketing decisions.

Some advertisers and marketers use cookies to track what you do online, and then send you targeted ads based on your interests.

You can choose to disable cookies on your computer or have your browser notify you whenever a website asks you to put a cookie on your device.

Cookies are files that are placed on your computer by websites you visit. They help websites remember information about you, such as your name and preferences. Disabling cookies may cause some features of our website to stop working properly.

How do we use cookies?

Some of the cookies we use on our website are essential for the operation of the site, such as cookies that allow us to remember your login details and preferences. Other cookies help us provide you with a better experience by tracking which pages you visit and what content is most interesting to you. We also use first-party cookies, meaning that they are set by a company who has partnered with us to deliver advertising specific to your interests.

We work with other companies that use cookies and web beacons to collect information when you visit our site. These companies may collect information as a result of your use of our site, such as what pages you visit.

Those partners may use cookies, tags, and pixels to collect information about the content you view on our sites. These pieces of code can track your activity on our sites so that we can improve the user experience.

Cookies and other technologies allow third parties to collect information about how our site is being used, count the number of people who visit our site, and serve ads that are likely to be of interest to them.

We may use a variety of cookies when you visit our website. Some of our website’s cookies help us provide you with a better user experience by remembering your preferences and providing enhanced features when you return to our website.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the website’s functionality and help us keep the site secure.

Information storage and access

This means that advertisers and other companies can store and access already stored information on your devices like your advertising ID, device ID, and cookies.

This is a common practice to improve the user experience on websites. For example, advertisers could show you more relevant ads if they know that you have visited their website before. Cookies also allow websites to remember your preferences so that you don’t have to re-enter them every time you visit.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device, there are some steps that can be taken. Most browsers allow users to set a “do not track” policy which means that websites will not be able to store tracking cookies on your device.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising and tracking technologies can be very helpful for businesses. These cookies allow websites to show you advertisements that are tailored to your interests. They also help ad servers and advertisers collect anonymous information about your visits to our site and other sites. This data can be used by advertisers to track your viewing patterns over time, which helps them choose more effective ads for you on different devices.

Analytics Cookies

 Analytics cookies are used to collect information about a user’s browsing habits, which can be helpful in understanding how people interact with the site and developing better user experiences. This data can also be used to track user preferences, so that you know what language or region they are from and don’t have to guess.

Personalization Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites you visit. These cookies allow us to track repeat visitors to the Site and gather other information about your browsing habits. This data is used to provide you with a better experience when you visit the Site, including recording information about the pages that you visit, your browsing history, and your preferences.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer by a different website. When you visit a company’s website through our link, these cookies may be placed on your computer. You can disable these cookies in your browser or use a special clearinghouse tool to remove all third-party cookies from all websites.

Other Tracking Technologies

The tracking of page views on is facilitated through the use of pixel tags, web beacons, and other technologies. Limited data is collected by these tools, which include the cookie number, the time and date of view, and a description of the page on which they are located. It is not possible to deny the usage of these tags. However, you may regulate the cookies that interact with them and restrict their use.