Difference Between Bikini Trimmer and Beard Trimmer

The development of trimmers has been a welcome break from the times of shavers. Trimmers have given rise to a host of possibilities in terms of grooming and styling. The saloons have adored it since they can rest their scissors finally. But that’s not the main beauty of it. Trimmers have allowed an individual to groom themselves without having to hit the saloons. They can keep up with the presentation and look great.

There are many kinds of trimmers available in the market. There’s one for beard, hair, body hair, ear and nose, and bikini trimmers. All these are designed with specific purposes catered towards specific body regions. We here take a look at two of them from our list and compare them down below. Let’s check them out.

What is a Bikini Trimmer?

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A bikini trimmer is a trimmer that is designed to trim the body hairs from sensitive areas like underarms and groins. These are mainly designed for women and that is why it has been named as bikini trimmer. Although many women use hair removal creams in these sensitive regions, using a bikini trimmer can be a healthier option as it removes any chances of getting allergies.

What is a Beard Trimmer?

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A beard trimmer is one that is designed to trim your beard. It is specifically designed based on the beard preference and types so that you can get your desired look with the beard trimmer. Whether you are one of those who spot a stubble or a Viking or even a thick beard, a beard trimmer will do the job for you. They come in many varieties and have the most options among the entire trimmer and shaver range.

Difference between Bikini Trimmer and Beard Trimmer


The bikini trimmer is designed for sensitive areas like the groin and underarms while the beard trimmer is generally designed for trimming the beard.Many people resort to using a beard trimmer for sensitive areas, but it is not right and instead of giving you a groomed look it may cause rashes and allergies.

Targeted audience

The bikini trimmer is generally targeted for women as they regularly maintain the grooming of the sensitive areas. And using the hair removal creams can often cause allergies to them. So bikini trimmer came forth to help provide a solution to women. Beard trimmer meanwhile is targeted for the male audience.


The working mechanism behind trimmers is that there are two or more blades that slide and the hair that passes through it gets cut. The blades are pointy and often cause scratches or rashes on the skin in not handled properly. Beard trimmer generally are suited for the face areas as they are hard and won’t get such rashes, but if you were to use it for the sensitive area, then you may get rashes and cuts. This is why bikini trimmers were designed. The blades in bikini trimmer do not harm the skin in sensitive areas as they are skin-friendly.


Bikini trimmer has fewer options in comparison to the beard trimmers. Since bikini trimmers have a smaller area of working and specific audience target, they come with very few options. Beard trimmers come in many options like battery-operated, power-operated, super precise, average, and much more.


Since bikini trimmers come with limited options, the price bracket is also low to mid-range. But with the beard trimmers, you can find one starting from the lowest range to the highest range depending on the features and functionality.

The Final Verdict

Both of these trimmers come with a specific purpose and one should not mix their usage. Don’t use a beard trimmer for sensitive areas like the groin and armpits as they may cause more harm than good. For women, a bikini trimmer is a perfect option for sensitive areas. Similarly for a man, a beard trimmer is the best thing he can find for himself. Go for the one based on your preference and need.