Difference Between Hair Cream and Hair Serum

Switch on your TV or browse through the web, I’m sure you may find some hair product commercials popping up. Those commercials showing dull and stranded hair turn into shiny and bouncy with the use of a few dollops of hair products. Do they work? To be fair, it depends on the user and applicability.

There are many hair products available for stylings like creams, serums, wax, oils, and more.These hair products are known to help add luster, volume, shine, and texture to your hair. We here take a look at two of these products and see how they match against each other and if they do give healthy and frizz-free hair.

What is Hair Cream?

Hair cream is one of the hair styling creams designed for hairs. Its primary job is to add natural shine to the hair and provide a smooth and balanced hold. It is quite different from wax which is quite solid or sticky gels. Hair creams are normally a sticky cream that allows your hair to be managed and add shine to it. Hair creams are easy to use products and can be used anytime.

Why you should use a hair cream?

Hair cream is one of the most popular stuff for hairstyling and here’s why you should use it:

=> Adds natural shine

Hair creams are made with different oil-based ingredients which helps to add instant natural shine to dry hair. If your hair is looking dull, just scoop a dollop of hair cream and apply it. You will have shiny looking hair.

=> Easy and flexible to use

Unlike hair serums or even oils that need to be used at specific times, hair creams are one of the most versatile options around. You can use it easily and at anytime period that you find suitable. Need to go out, just grab your hair cream and apply it, need to hit a meeting, use a bit of hair cream to add shine to your hair, and give you confidence.

=> Can help keep the hair healthy

Hair creams these days come with natural oils and ingredients. Unlike the old times, hair creams are a healthier option as of today. You can use hair cream to help maintain your hair’s health status.

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a protective layer that is added over the hair strands and adds shine to it. It helps smoothen the hair and prevents the hair from cluttering into each other. This makes hair frizz-free and helps reverse hair damages.

=> Why you should use a Hair Serum?

Hair serum provides a host of benefits for your hair and it’s something you should give a thought to.

=> Help keep the frizz away

Hair serums are known to tame the frizz in the hair and nourish it. It helps to keep the hair moisturized and helps keep the frizz at bay.

=> Provides shine to your hair

The best part about the hair serum is that they help provide shine to your hair. The serum polishes the strands and removes any dullness giving you a polished look.

=> Nourishes and treats dry hair

Hair serum can cure your dry hair and reenergize it making it all good. It can treat the rough and dry hair and give them a new lease of life. The hair then becomes silkier and softer.

=> Protects against heat and humidity

Heat and humidity can cause issues to your hair. The only way of getting it right is to use measures to protect your hair from heat and humidity. This is where hair serum can be useful as it can help protect against scorching heats.

Which one is better? Hair cream or Hair Serum

Hair cream and hair serum are two different things and come with their bit of features and functionality. Hair creams are more suited to add casual and natural finish while hair serum is meant to treat frizzy hair and detangle it, provide shine to hair and protect against heat and humidity. Hair creams are flexible to use in comparison to hair serums. Go for the one based on your preference and need.