Hair Mask Vs. Hair Conditioner: Which One Is Better?

Both hair mask and hair conditioners work to conditioning our hair and provide great protection against sunlight damage, chemical damage, and pollution. But these two different hair conditioning options differ based on application and outcome or benefits. Some people like to use hair conditioner over hair masks, and some others do the exact opposite.

And if you ask someone to recommend you the right hair product between these two, you are ultimately inviting a lot of confusion. It would be better for you first to know the actual difference between these two hair products, and then you can easily choose the right one as per your needs and hair type. Today, here we will be covering the possible differences between a hair mask and hair conditioner are, and we will let you know which one is better as per your requirements.

Hair Mask Vs. Hair Conditioner

Hair Mask

Usually, a hair mask contains highly nourishing ingredients such as hydrating butter, oil, hair strengthener, and other conditioning ingredients. Most of the time, hair masks have a thicker and a bit solid consistency than the hair conditioners. Therefore, if you regularly use the hair conditioners, then you’ll find it a bit difficult to apply a hair mask properly.

Why Do You Need It?

You should talk about why you should use a hair mask over hair conditioners, so if your hair is really dry and withered, you should definitely give a shot to hair masks. Not only this but if your primary motive is to nourish your hair deeply, to strengthen them, then also a hair mask seems the right choice. That’s why you can also call hair masks as deep conditioners, which provide stable conditioning to your hair, unlike standard hair conditioners. So, if you want to nourish your hair and maintain good hair health, then you must check out a hair mask at least once.


So, unlike hair conditioners, the use of hair masks is completely different. First of all, we want to let you know that you can apply a hair mask at the roots and ends of your hair. It is the exact opposite of hair conditioners, where you only have to apply them in the body of hair, not in the roots or scalp.

Going down to how you can use a hair mask, so like we mentioned earlier, hair masks come with thick consistency as compared to hair conditioners. That’s why you have to apply a hair mask properly at the roots and ends of your hair. After that, you can leave it for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum overnight period. It completely depends on you and your requirements. But in our opinion, you should try both periods, after observing which one is working for you, then you can stick with that. And if you have any confusion about how often you should use a hair mask, experts usually suggest you apply a hair mask once a week. And if your hair is not that damaged, but you just want to provide proper nourishment to your hair, then you can apply it after each 10 to 15 days of the period.

Hair Conditioner

The simple and understandable definition of hair conditioner is that it is a product that can help you with enhancing the appearance and protecting your hair as well. Mostly, hair conditioners contain ingredients that form a layer on the hair body to protect it from any kind of damage and pollution.

Why Do You Need It?

If you want to soften your hair and protect them against the sunlight damage and air pollution or dust, this seems the right choice. Since it forms a protecting layering on the hair, that is helpful to protect against heat damage. Or if you are a person who wants something to use regularly or daily for hair conditioning, then hair conditioner products seem the right choice for you.


Opposite to the hair masks, you don’t need to leave hair conditioners more than 3 to 10 minutes in your hair. Not only this, but almost all the brands suggest you apply hair conditioner on wet hair, not on dry hair. It’s because you have to rinse the hair conditioner immediately; that’s why it would always be better for you to apply it on wet hair.

Talking about how you should actually apply it, so after shampoo, take a recommended amount of hair conditioner. Then apply it only to the hair body, then leave it for 3 to 10 minutes in your hair for forming that protective layering on hair. After that, you can simply rinse it off with the help of water, and that’s it.

Which One Is Better?

People do plenty of searches online to find some significant points that can lead them towards the best option among these two. Well, no one can tell you which one you should actually go with and which one you should just ignore. We are saying this because the final decision depends upon you and your requirements.

Let’s discuss some cases where you should use one of these products, so if you are willing to use something to protect your hair and use it daily. If this is the case, we suggest you go with a hair conditioner over hair masks. Instead, if your prime motive is to maintain amazing hair health and strengthen and provide nourishment to your hair, then a hair mask is the real problem solver for you. But mostly, the hair health professionals recommend you to use hair masks over hair conditioners. It’s because you can get better results from hair masks in the long run than hair conditioners.

Final Thoughts

You’ll definitely feel confused while choosing between a hair mask and hair conditioner until you find the appropriate information about the actual differences. Here in this post, we have listed valuable information and facts to let you know and help you to choose the right hair product between these two.