What Is A Hair Steamer? Hair Steaming Do’s and Don’ts

Hair is one of the quintessential parts of anyone’s personality and it’s no surprise that people tend to prioritize its care so much. We tend to use different treatments, chemical solutions, styling hacks to help keep our hair bouncy and shiny. We’ve been wired that way by the countless commercials and advertising that we end up going for these options in a bid to keep our hair healthy.

This is where we tend to overlook one of the most simple and effective ways to care for hair, i.e. hair steamers. You must have seen these astronaut bowl-shaped contraptions in saloons and parlors. A hair steamer is that same odd-shaped bowl which gives the best results for hair care. Let’s find out more about it down below.

What is a Hair Steamer?

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Hair Steamer is an appliance that adds moisture and helps restore a healthy life to hair. It works on a simple mechanism where the vapor steam and heat helps to regulate the blood flow in the scalp and allow the conditioner and creams to seep into the hair strand. This will help the hair to get the required nourishment and shine back once again.

Many people do use dryers instead of hair steamers but dryers take a lot of time. Hair steamers on the other hand have a shorter turnaround time and can allow the conditioners and color to settle pretty easily.

Why you should use a Hair Steamer?

Hair steamers are one of the multi-dimensional products that come with features, unlike any other hair treatments. Here’s why you should use a hair steamer.

  • It works very well in conjunction with a host of hair products. You can pair it with hair treatment creams, spa creams, and other products with a hair steamer.
  • They are also great for itchy scalps and taking care of dandruff. The steams coming out of the steamer adds moisture to the scalp and reduces dryness and kills off the fungus.
  • Hair steamer promotes blood flow in the scalp region. This allows your hair follicles to get cleansed from any toxins residing within and become healthy. It also improves the levels of collagen in the scalp.
  • They are very easy to use and can be done either at home or at hair saloons. You can use the bowl-shaped ones or the handheld ones depending on your preference.

Do’s for Hair Steamer

  • Steam Regularly: You should steam your hair at least once a week to maintain the health of your hair. Regular and timely steaming allows your hair to retain moisture for a long period and stay hydrated.
  • Steam for 20-30 minutes: One of the things that we have seen people resort to is that they don’t give proper time to hair steaming. Many opt for a quick 10 minutes session which doesn’t help that much. A proper steaming needs around 20-30 minutes to function properly. Try to maintain this time frame when you are going for a hair steaming.
  • Use a headband: It is advised that you should use a headband underneath your hair so that the hair treatment products don’t come down in contact with skins. You can also use a washcloth in a band is not available.

Don’ts for Hair Steamer

  • Don’t cover your hair: Many people use a plastic cap while going for a hair steaming. Don’t ever do that as it won’t allow the steaming to pully penetrate your scalp. You won’t get good results this way.
  • Don’t Tie your hair: Just like people use a plastic cap, many also tie their hair for ease of use. But doing so will stop the steam from reaching the hair roots and scalps. Keep your hair loose and free and allow the steam to work its magic.

Don’t overdo it: Some people underdo it while some overdo it. Hair steamer provides the best results if you use it once a week. This way you can get good and shiny hair. If you overdo it, then the hair may go limp and have breakages.